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In Aymara, Puma Punku mode, “The doorway of your own Cougar”

By November 23, 2022dil mill visitors

In Aymara, Puma Punku mode, “The doorway of your own Cougar”

Book, yet , prime during the variety of and you can good in style, they appear as the task out of a people that was indeed comprehensive pros regarding a buildings which had zero infancy, enacted as a consequence of zero ages of gains, and of and this we discover no other instances. Customs, hence mumbles nearly intelligibly of source many other American monuments, are stupid regarding this type of. New questioning Indians informed the original Spaniards you to definitely “it existed up until the sun shone from the air,” that they was basically elevated by the monsters, otherwise that they was basically the new remains away from an enthusiastic impious people who a mad Deity had changed into stone because they got denied hospitality to their viceregent and you will live messenger. “

The latest Andean individuals of five hundred Advertising, using their simple reed boats, could certainly n’t have moved them

Merely to the base left to the satellite images below is the website of Puma Punku (also known as “Puma Pumku” otherwise “Puma Puncu”). It’s element of a huge forehead state-of-the-art otherwise memorial class that’s area of the Tiwanaku archaeological website near Tiwanaku, Bolivia. Puma Punku does not browse epic: a mountain due to the fact remains out of an old pyramid and you may an enormous quantity of megalithic stop of stone on to the floor, evidently broke because of the a disastrous quake. But not, nearer assessment suggests that these types of stone prevents was in fact fabricated that have a highly advanced technical. A lot more surprising is the tech design of these types of stops revealed on attracting lower than. Most of the reduces complement together instance interlocking blocks.

That it ‘forehead area’ has some finely reduce stones – certain consider more than 100 tonnes. New processes and you will technologies active in the production of such temples will always be maybe not grasped because of the modern students.

Our very own current records of one’s Tiwanaku culture hold they’d zero writing system and have now that the innovation of your wheel is most likely unfamiliar on them. The brand new architectural triumph seen from the Pumapunku are striking inside the white out-of new believed number of technological capability available through the its construction.

Puma Punku, it’s startles the fresh creative imagination. It seems are the latest remains out of a wharf (to possess Lake Titicaca in the past lapped up on the latest shores of Tiahuanaco) and a huge, four-region, now collapsed strengthening. Among the many structure blocks where the fresh new dock was designed weighs in at a projected 440 plenty (comparable to nearly 600 complete-size cars) and some most other blocks installing in the was between one hundred and you may 150 tons. The newest quarry for those monster prevents is actually on coastline off Titicaca, specific 10 far-away.

Due to the monumental dimensions of the fresh new rocks, the method whereby they certainly were directed jest dil mil za darmo to Pumapunku might have been a subject of interest given that temple’s discovery

There is no identified tech in most the old business one to may have directed rocks of such substantial lbs and you can size. Even now, with all the progressive improves during the technologies and you will mathematics, we are able to perhaps not trend such a design.

Posnansky advised an answer, centered their education of your astronomical alignments of Tiahuanaco, however, one answer is considered thus debatable, actually impossible, it has been neglected and censured because of the scientific area to have 50 ages. Of course there’s no confidence this particular try the reason as ancient developers leftover zero authored facts. All tales was basically handed down through the years.

The newest architectural success seen during the Pumapunku is hitting for the white from new assumed level of technological features available throughout the construction. The biggest of these brick blocks are seven.81 m enough time, 5.17 meters wider, averages step 1.07 m thick, that is projected to weigh about 131 metric lots. The next premier brick stop receive when you look at the Pumapunka try seven.90 yards much time, 2.fifty m greater, and you can averages 1.86 yards thicker. Its weight could have been estimated as metric loads. These two stone reduces are included in the fresh Plataforma Litica and comprising red sandstone.

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